I started my career as a designer by being a “designer-by-day” and “server-by-night”. The service industry exposed me to so many personality types which would inform me as a designer and strengthen my ability to understand people and hear what clients are asking or gesturing for.

I understand big box retail from years of working with Google, on a team that brought their physical products to the retail market through experiential and environmental design which drove footfall and sales. I understand the boutique market from my years as product designer and brand manager for a national social stationery company and from running my own product-driven businesses. I am uniquely qualified to offer more than graphic design – by applying design thinking and using a solution-based approach to solving problems, resulting in better solutions.

As a “maker/doer” I love learning new processes. I am a skilled screen printer, letterpress printer, book binder, seamstress, painter, and illustrator, which give me an edge regarding attention to detail and felt experiences.

My Clifton StrengthsFinders top 5 are:

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